Memories of a porch in Mayberry………….


I have noticed the crazier this world gets..the more I am watching reruns of the old Andy Griffith Show, when I tune in to see the happenings in Mayberry, the world makes sense again for me. Although, after watching for so many years I know the plot and most of the lines by heart…but no matter, actually that gives me comfort.

One observation I have made is how important the front porch was in those days, it was kind of the equivalent of the kitchen table inside the house, food and drink was shared, good and bad news discussed, the porch was a place also to welcome and get to know neighbors… I was struck by the disappearance of front porches as a place to relax and a gathering place for you to interact with your neighbors, we, myself included are becoming such “isolationists” .. many of us know a few of our neighbors but do not regularly open our porches to gather and talk of the events of the day or whatever …

In all honesty, I know for a fact many who read this would be horrified at the thought of sitting on the front porch with their neighbors, I get this… just wondering when we got so far away from the camaraderie of the front porch. I do not have much of a front porch, but  always wanted a big  one, I do have a deck which  my family,friends and I  utilize in warmer weather… but that seems different, it is tucked safely at the back of my house…not in the front.

Maybe sitting on your front porch in this day and age would make us feel vulnerable, too open to having our privacy or our safety disturbed. Not sure when and why this all changed, part of the reason may be our dependance on our electronic devices for interaction, entertainment and catching up with others…please note I am writing  this alone on my computer, and you will probably read this alone on yours…

When the weather warms this year, I may try a grand experiment and actually sit out on my porch with a libation, maybe some music and see just what happens…if you see me out there please stop by for some sweet tea and spicy talk… wish me luck…Image


Cleaning house..or how I raised procrastination to an art form..


I have never been one to find much fulfillment in doing housework, although I do like a clean house I just don’t want to be the one to make it that way. As a Virgo, I  have a tendency to over think everything, I have been trying to figure out a system to clean and maintain my surroundings. A friend recently suggested I make a schedule of housework.. each day having a different task to complete so when the weekend comes you are done and are free!  I think this sounds like a good plan… I need to find the perfect paper, Mylar sheets and organize tasks for each day, by the time that is all done I will have put the actual housework off for another day…..

I also need to clean out drawers and closets, go through papers and photos…. but this usually leads to spending my time going down memory lane getting very little accomplished. I have been telling my closet that I will clean, purge and organize soon, but we are getting to the point where I don’t think my closet believes me any more…oh sure he (my closet seems to be male, who knew?) doesn’t say anything to my face but when the door is closed I am pretty sure I hear whispering……

Wish me luck with my new system…. now where is that legal pad, no, not the yellow one… Mylar sheets???

Maybe I should make soup first or take a nap…………………

A few observations…..


Few of life questions…. Why are so many of the really gorgeous guys gay?

When someone refers to you as “curvy”.. is that code for fat?

Why are cupcakes more delicious than a piece of cake?

Why does your hair suddenly look better on its own after you have finally decided to make that appointment to do something drastic?

When someone starts the conversation with ” I hate to tell you this… or…. I don’t want to be nosy…. not to be mean BUT……….. “…..

Do you get the feeling they DON’T really hate to tell you…… they DO want to be nosy and they ARE being mean.,,,,, just sayin’

My First Blog ….. a new adventure!


This is my first post in my first foray into blogging… be gentle. For the record, even though I know better..grammar and sentence structure will be generally disregarded..spelling must be correct though, it is just my style…or lack thereof.

It is a lovely rainy day in Central California, especially welcome since rain has been a precious commodity this year. My plan for the day consists of very little other than reading, listening to the rain and my dog Bella snoring, she is a rescue that spent all her life in a no kill shelter. I think the reason she was never adopted is that she has a few “cosmetic” issues, one ear is permanently up and the other down, her eyes are different sizes and colors, she is very sweet and grateful to have a home at last.I will post a picture of Bella soon…please don’t laugh as she is very sensitive……. 😉 the comment was made that she looked like she was made from spare parts.

Today’s post will be short and sweet as I am still trying to sort a few things out .. for instance..what is the difference between your profile and the About me feature? It would seem to be the same thing, as you can see I am very much a nubie..but I will get better………if not, I will have to throw myself off a bridge………unless, of course I am having a good hair day…